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A Happier, Healthier You

Cultivation IOP bridges the gap between hospitalization and outpatient therapy for those individuals needing a more intensive treatment than traditional therapy. IOP allows to you live at home while continuing treatment, allowing for you to attend work or school while seeking treatment. IOP is helpful for people who suffer from anxiety, depression, mood disorders, borderline personality disorder, self-harming behaviors and thoughts of suicide, self-esteem issues, anger management, and grief and loss. A group setting provides an opportunity to connect with and relate to others, learn from peers and mental health professionals, feel supported while addressing your mental health needs, and learn skills to improve your overall quality of life.

An IOP is often recommended for those who may have recently

discharged from an inpatient setting, and don't require a medical professional to observe them daily. IOP groups at Cultivation Counseling are for anyone seeking to decrease maladaptive behaviors, and wish to increase mental health life skills development, and receive psychoeducational teaching from licensed, skilled professionals. Topics covered include conflict resolution, psychiatric diagnoses, boundary-setting skills, mindfulness techniques, communication skills, healthy relationships, motivation and procrastination, anger management, coping skills for triggers and stressors, self-esteem, grief and loss, understanding the brain, resources and much more.

Cultivation Counseling offers two
IOP groups at our Post Falls branch for:

Adult mental health IOP (ages 18+)
or Adolescent mental health IOP (ages 13-17). Some insurance is accepted. Contact us for more information.

IOP: Our Services
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